BYOD Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the school decided to step into this project?
The IT-PEDA strategy group (mandated by the Board of Governors) responsible for the choice of the technological tool updated the previous tool (texas ti nspire) for the lessons in mathematics and physics. Based on an analysis of comparative use of various technological tools in class, the group proposed the use of GeoGebra as a digital tool for teaching, learning and assessment in mathematics and physics. For the other science subjects, it may be used for teaching, learning or assessment depending on needs.
Based on its different analyses, notably of the GeoGebra application, the IT-PEDA SG issued recommendations and proposals for use of the tool in classrooms and examinations.
In this context, a digital tool for teaching, learning and assessment related to the GeoGebra software/application, the IT-PEDA WG considered that in order to run this software/application, the possession and classroom use of a digital device by each student are compulsory from S5 onwards.
The B2 School has decided that the appropriate device for using this digital tool (GeoGebra) is a laptop.
Smartphones and tablets are not appropriate devices.

What kind of laptop do I need?
If you intend to bring a device already owned by the family please bring one with a proper keyboard and display (13 inch or more), at least 4 GB of memory and a decent battery. The operating system can be almost anything, but Windows 10 (not Win RT) is preferred. MacOS X 10.7 or newer is also suitable, but we can provide only limited IT support for these systems.
For those families who are thinking of renting or buying a new laptop, we strongly recommend our partner RentCompany
This company has years of experience and is using an All-in-one subscription.

Why would tablets not be an appropriate solution?
There are several reasons why we prefer laptops:

  • Several studies have shown that students aged 16 and above benefit more from a device with a keyboard.
  • The interface of GeoGegebra is different for laptops and tablets. In order to have uniformity in the classroom, it is better to work with the same interface.
  • In a next phase, subjects such as languages will also use the laptops in class.
    A keyboard is indispensable for writing.

Who is responsible for security and damage?
All the laptops rented or bought via our partner (RentCompany) have the Easy4u Subscription with damage and theft insurance included.
The other devices are not covered by the school insurance. An additional insurance for a laptop is offered by several companies (internet)

What does Easy4U means (All-in-one subscription)
All information you can find on our partners website:

Can my child charge his/her laptop in school?
The intention is that a student comes to school with a charged battery and that this is sufficient for the school day, but meanwhile, the school has started the procedure for renewing the lockers in Preau 567 with the possibility of loading a device.

Can the laptop be kept at school if my son/daughter has other activities after school?
Yes, every pupil has a locker and as already mentioned the school is looking for a possibility to charge the laptops in school (charging stations, lockers with charging possibility) 

Is the school's Wi-Fi network adequate?
Yes, the school had a network measurement carried out in January and, following the report, has taken the necessary steps to adapt the network (new switches, extra access points, etc.)
The students involved in the BYOD project have their own W-lan that they can log into.