School accident

Procedure to follow in case of school accident

If your child has had a school accident and in consequence, if medical care or hospitalization is needed, you should fill out the declaration of the accident form, which was given to your child when leaving the infirmary.

What are the steps to follow ?

  • The 1st part of the declaration should be filled out. Don’t forget to sign it.
  • The 2nd part should be completed by the doctor who will treat your child
  • You have 15 days to send the document back to us or bring it to the infirmary.
  • It is imperative that you pay all of the bills; Then you will receive certificates of care that you should provide to your health or Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Upon presentation of the accounts of your insurance or mutual to Ethias insurance, they will refund the amount which remains at your expense after the intervention of your health insurance.
  • After having received your declaration, we will send you a letter that will mention the address of Ethias, the name of the responsible, as well as your file number. The reimbursement will be transferred to the account number you mention on the declaration of the accident form. 

For further information, please contact Ethias.