All pupils are required to attend classes on a regular and punctual basis in accordance with the annual calendar and the weekly timetable issued to them at the beginning of each school year. Please refer to Article 30 of the ‘General Regulations of the European Schools’ (www.eursc.org) for information regarding regular attendance at classes as well as absences.


The correct procedure for pupils who feel the need to go home for health reasons is to visit the school nurse so that they can be examined. They are only allowed to leave the school after the nurses have telephoned the parents and have their consent. Nursery and Primary pupils are then to be collected by a legal representative/an authorized person only.


When your child is absent for unexpected reasons (illness, etc.), please inform your child's class teacher by e-mail.

After two days of absence, the nursery and primary pupils must give a medical certificate to their class teacher for before returning to classes. For longer absences, the medical certificate must be given to the school within 48 hours.


Official authorization for absence in special circumstances for personal convenience must be requested in writing at least one week in advance, from the Deputy Director of the nursery-primary cycles, Mrs. Alexia Giannakopoulou.



Before and after holidays, absences are allowed only in case of force majeure or illness. The distance, the duration of the trip, family celebrations, flight schedules, the non-coincidence of holidays with other schools … are not considered as cases of force majeure.


If you consider the reason of your child's absence as a case of force majeure, please send an e-mail to Mrs. Alexia Giannakopoulou, in order to ask a permission as soon as possible.


In the case of a compulsory quarantine linked to the stay in the red/orange zone :


  • The parents inform by the usual voice (absences) about the necessity of the quarantine indicating the period. The parents' declaration is sufficient to justify the absence for this reason.     


  • Teachers proceed as usual, i.e. :
    • Maintaining contact with the pupil and his/her parents (especially in the Primary cycle) and, 
    • Provision of materials via TEAMS and/or, 
    • Indication_of_the_main_topic_of_the_course_subject_of_the_courses 
    • Parallel online courses are not organized 


In the case of belonging to a risk group (long-term absence): 


  • Parents inform the management (deputy directors of the cycle) of their child's absence. 
  • Parents provide the medical certificate indicating the risks of a possible presence "in situ" and the duration of the absence. 
  • The Deputy Head of the cycle informs the support coordinator (Mrs Katrien Fernandez) and the class teacher.
  • The group composed of the Deputy Head, the assistant to the Deputy Head, the support coordinator, the class teacher will discuss and decide on the best pedagogical follow-up for the pupil in question. 
  • The organization of the support will depend on the specific needs of a pupil and the means available to the school: human resources, available material, organization of time etc.). 
  • The decision will be presented to the parents.  
  • The management reserves the right to modify the type of pedagogical support provided to pupils if the number of pupils falling into this category proves to be too high.