Winner EEB2 Jumper Competition

The votes have been counted! The winner of EEB2 Jumper competition is...

... SACCO Fabiana (WOL-S5ITA)!

Congratulations for this wonderful and symbolic design which won by a lead of 214 votes!

Fabiana represented each language section of our school with an important and symbolic building of the correspondent country. From left to right:

  • Germany: the Reichstag 
  • Finland: Helsinki Cathedral
  • Sweden: Stockholm City Hall
  • UK: Big Ben
  • Belgium: the Atomium
  • Italy: the Colosseum
  • France: the Eiffel Tower
  • The Netherlands: a windmill
  • Portugal: Belém Tower
  • Lithuania: Trakai Palace

Under the buildings she represented the 12 stars of the EU flag and to “close” everything up, she added the EU’s motto: “United in Diversity”, to enhance our unity as a European community. 

She is delighted students appreciate her drawing for its design but also for its meaning.

Looking forward to seeing the design on the new jumpers soon!