The Writing's on the Wall

As announced, during the Easter holiday, the wall along the stairs leading to the sports hall was painted by several pupils - Amélie Zimmermann, Danny O' Brien, Eva Kastrinos, Sofia Ferraioli and Irene Costagliola - under the supervision of Mr. Pye and Mr. Thomasseau on the subject of climate change and more specifically on the importance of reducing emissions by 11%.

Two of our students, Akvilė Selevičiūtė and Augustė Sturlytė (S6 LTa) reported on the project for News Decoder, a global education news service with which the EEB2 has partnered to teach journalistic and media literacy skills to our pupils.

Akvilė and Augustė went through quite an intensive process with them, from thinking about how best to frame the article to the long process of final edits. These “lessons in journalism” certainly paid off as shown in Akvilė and Augustė’s article you can read here.

Congratulations to all pupils involved in this project!

If climate change is a subject that is close to your heart, as it is to ours, please visit