Impact of S6 scores on UK registration records (UCAS)

Many of you worry about the impact of S6 scores on UK registration records. If you wish to study in the United Kingdom, you must take contact with Mrs Moira Cronin who will send you a mail with all explanations you need for UCAS application. This information is also published on the school website.

Mrs Cronin is aware of both students and parents concerns about the end of Year marks and how these will impact on their UCAS predictions, which are always based on Year 6 End of Year ‘C’ Marks. Mrs Cronin, who is in charge of the synthesis, will be in regular contact with your teachers. They will fill in a form on your A, B etc. grades, but also on your skills and your ability to progress.

About predicted grades: these are compulsory in the reference Mrs Cronin will write for your UCAS application and are your marks at the end of Year 6 (‘C’ Marks).  These cannot be altered unless there are genuine medical reasons or serious extenuating circumstances. Some of the students are concerned that this year’s extraordinary circumstances may affect their end of year marks but THAT THIS IS NOT THE CASE; Every effort will be made to guarantee that your final marks are accurate and that universities are provided with the correct and necessary details. You can be sure that your ability, effort and potential are fully taken into account when calculating your UCAS predictions. These predictions will offer you guidance about which universities / courses you may be eligible to apply for.  Be sensible and realistic.