Europe Day - 9 May

The European Parliamant invites you to celebrate Europe through various events organized this week-end.

Change is demanded across our continent, and Europe can only move forward if we do so together. Now more than ever, the meaning of Europe Day lies in discussing our challenges in order to create a better future.
This year, wherever you are, Europe Day comes to you via the European Parliament. The Parliament is the driving force for democratic change, which brings your elected representatives together. It is your meeting place – where even during the pandemic we can come together in our diversity, to listen, debate and make the big decisions necessary to improve our home in a spirit of openness and accessibility.
Europe Day commemorates the anniversary of 9th May 1950, when French Foreign Minister and future European Parliament President Robert Schuman laid the foundations of what is now the European Union. This year, the Conference on the Future of Europe is being organised alongside the 9th May celebrations, giving you a platform where you can help to write Europe’s future. Your voice and your opinion is needed to move Europe into a better, brighter future for everyone.
We invite you to join us online and take part in our week-long programme of events to help shape the future of Europe and to have your voice heard.
Look out for #TheFutureIsYours on social media and join the conversation on what Europe means to you. We are collecting images and videos of the European flag from all over the continent, so don’t forget to hang the flag from your window or balcony and share your experience with us on Europe Day this Sunday 9th May!
We hope you can join us,  
The European Parliament Visitors Team