Euroclassica ECCL 2023

On Friday February 10, our students of Latin from the French, German, Lithuanian and English section were rewarded for their results at the EUROLASSICA ECCL, a competition that enables students of Latin from all European countries to obtain a Certificate for Classics

The level they reach for the correct translation, the grammatical analysis and the knowledge of the historical context of an unknown text determines their final mark. Fourteen of our students were honoured with a medal. Mrs Verwilghen, Deputy Director for the Secondary cycle, warmly congratulated them for this remarkable achievement. 

Latin Level 1 / Vestibulum

Renāte Jurisone (S3 Latena) - Silver Medal
Ignas MartiŠius (S7 Lta) - Silver Medal
Emma Sickinger (S3 Latdu) - Bronze Medal
Jonas Petri (S3 Latfr) - Bronze Medal
Bruno De Loma-Ossorio De Lara (S3 Latfr) - Bronze Medal
Loup-Gabriel Gautier-Paillat (S3 Latfr) - Bronze Medal
Greta Perkauskaite (S7 Lta) - Bronze Medal
Ringailė Šidlauskaitė (S6 Lta) - Bronze Medal


Latin Level 2 / IANUA

Hanna Petröcz (S5 Latena) - Silver Medal
Eimantas Petraitis (S5 Latena) - Bronze Medal
Marta Elīza Timofejeva (S5 Latena) - Bronze Medal
Gaspard Kraft (S5 Latena) - Bronze Medal
Marija Calenko (S5 Latfr) - Bronze Medal
Pietro Seidenberg (S5 Latfr) - Bronze Medal