ESB Octopus registration now open

Registrations are now open for the ESB Octopus! The ESB Octopus is the swimming competition team of all five European Schools of Brussels (Uccle, Berkendael, Woluwe, Ixelles and Laeken). It exists for more than 30 years and gives the students of the European schools in Brussels an excellent opportunity to compete together independently of which school they attend, and this in both individual races and as a team.

The team participates to the “European Forces Swimming League” (EFSL), together with teams spread over most of Western Europe at the NATO and American bases – and another international school in Berlin. This allows us to travel, as we for example did in February 2018, participating in the EFSL Championship at the Olympic Pool in London, or last season (2019-2020) to Berlin, Lisbon, Wiesbaden or Eindhoven.

Currently there are 18 swimming teams affiliated to the EFSL, representing more than 1,000 swimmers throughout Europe. These teams are located in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The ESB Octopus is part of the Benelux Division of the EFSL, and most competitions are held in Brussels (CERIA and NATO), Mons (SHAPE) or Geilenkirchen (The Netherlands). Some longer trips are organised during the season, to compete against teams from the other divisions, like Rheinland and Southern Europe.

We believe that meeting with other teams at a competition is an extremely valuable cultural and social exchange, consistent with the values of the European Schools.

If you wish to register to ESB, send an e-mail to and we will send you back a form to complete (complete name, date of birth and school of your son(s), as well as phone and e-mail contact(s) of the parents). Once the confirmation received, you can pay the annual fee at the ESB bank account.

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