The Africa Museum and colonial history

The S5L3 ENC and END classes visited the Africa Museum to learn more about colonial history.

This semester, the S5L3 END and ENC classes are studying the novel ‘’’The shadow of the sun: My African life’’ by Ryszard Kapuściński. This novel focuses on the historical background of the African colonialism.

The African Museum in Tervuren has a permanent exhibition about the colonial history and independence. Since recently, they also organize a workshop about the history between Belgium and Congo. On Friday, October 23, we had the opportunity to visit the African museum in Tervuren and the exhibition Congo-Belgium: A complex history made us learn a lot about colonialism that has affected so many people.

During this workshop we analyzed important milestones of the Belgian colonization in Congo. Students then started a group search for elements related to colonial themes that have been developed in various comic books. Finally, in a dedicated workshop space, the group listened to testimonials and views of the colonial period, which aims to bridge between the past and the present.

We are looking forward to continuing this project and to go back to other interesting workshops next semester!

Pia Alexandersson and Iliana Karantinaki, Teachers of English