2023 ESSS certificate ceremony

From 26 to 29 March, 5 students represented EEB2 at the 2023 European Schools Science Symposium which took place in Varese, Italy. In total, 19 European schools were represented.

These 5 students had won the local competition in Brussels on 18 November 2022.

The students presented their projects as follows:


Group 1: Fabio Thomas Castellarin (S4FRB) – Project: Bio Heat – Supervised by Mrs. Wintzer-Perrot

Group 2: Eva Jankūnas & Rūtilė Senkutė (S2LTA) – Project: Plant Survival with different fluids – Supervisor Ms. Antanaviciute

Group 3: Marina Cioponea & Jan Kokalj (S4EN) – Project: A Hole New Patch – Supervisor Mr Ashley


All groups presented a poster to the other participants and defended their project before an expert jury.

Fabio presented Bio Heat, a project designed to reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed for household heating – a very pressing topic these days.

Rūtilė who participated with Eva, was a repeater – in the good sense of the word – as she already represented EEB2 at the 2022 ESSS in Strasbourg.

Marina and Jan made it to the finals in the Junior Competition. They placed 5th.

Congratulations to all the pupils for their wonderful work and many thanks to the teachers who supervised and spent a lot of time preparing for this event!