Following the approval by the Board of Governors of the European Schools on 18 March 2022, the European Schools are now starting the process of temporary admission of Ukrainian pupils.The temporary admission of Ukrainian pupils to the European Schools in Brussels will also be in accordance with the European Council Implementing decision ((EU) 2022/382) of 4 March 2022 introducing temporary protection due to the mass influx of persons fleeing Ukraine as a consequence of the war. The definition of Ukrainian children is in terms of Article 2 of the above-mentioned document.

Please note that these admissions can only be requested by staff members of the European Schools and officials/staff of European institutions who are welcoming displaced Ukrainian children.

You will find below the Protocol. Please read it carefully before filling in the form. This form is to be sent to exclusively. 

Protocol for temporary admission of Ukrainian pupils

Annex 1 to the Protocol - Admission form

Annex 2 to the Protocol - Privacy statement

Enrolments of Ukrainian pupils to the OIB Garderie

APEE Services: Ukrainian version - English version

Ukrainian versions (coming soon):