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Please note that SWALS students (Students Without A Language Section) are taken up in the English, French-speaking and German-speaking sections. If your child is not SWALS, you do not need to buy these books (Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian books).

Book lists (2021-2022)
List of bookshops stocking school books



Each pupil must have a school diary (agenda) from the first school day, including name, name of parents, address and useful phone numbers in case of emergency. The diary, a very important working tool, must be carefully kept up-to-date. It serves to note homework but also acts as a means of communication between teachers and parents. For classes from 5th Primary school to 7th Secondary school, a standardized school diary will be distributed to the pupils at the beginning of the school year. After a survey, it appeared that pupils needed a new planning tool to meet their current needs. A new planner, which takes into account our European calendar, will be introduced in September 2021.

Science department

A white lab coat in a cotton-rich blend is necessary for integrated sciences (S1-S2-S3), biology, chemistry, physics and labs (S4-S5-S6-S7).
Parents can order it through the APEEE.


S1 and S4 pupils will need the TI-36XPRO calculator. You can contact the APEEE as they are in charge of the order.

Art department

S1 to S3 pupils:
A flat brush n°16, a round brush n°2 and n°8. A water cup, a rag and a small piece of sponge. A H pencil, a 2B pencil, a pencil sharpener with receptacle, a white eraser. A box of watercolours and a 20 sheet  A4 drawing book (not a pad!) and a black fine point permanent marker. All this material must be placed in a box fitting in the locker (shoebox size). A complete ‘EEB2 pack’ (no rag nor box) is available to pupils for 24 € from Lefèvre (25 rue du Midi 1000 Brussels) and 25 € from Schleiper (149 Chaussée de Charleroi 1060 Brussels).

S4 & S5 pupils:
A flat brush n°16, a round n°2 and n°8. Pencils: H, 4B and 6B, a pencil sharpener with receptacle, a white eraser. 5 gouache tubes (primary colours: red, yellow and blue + black and white), a 20 sheet A4 drawing book (not a pad!) and a black fine point permanent marker.
This pack is available from Lefèvre for 17,50 € (25 rue du Midi 1000 Brussels).

S6 and S7 pupils: the teachers will propose the material directly to pupils.

School gym kit

Secondary pupils must wear the school T-shirt for physical education. Order yours via the APEEE.