School trips

Sanitary restrictions

No multi-day trips will be organized during the school year 2020-2021, not even S2 or S6 trips.

Mandatory school trips

S2: max 350€
S6: max 850€

No multi-day/overnight trips (other than main trip) in S2 and S6.

1-day excursions

1-day excursions are still possible but:
- their organisation depends on the Covid-19 situation 
- only on corona-proof conditions
- only in Belgium

All outings will take place during the following three weeks: 
  • From 19/10/20 to 22/10/20 before Autumn Holidays
  • From 22/03/21 to 26/03/21 before Eastern Holidays
  • From 03/05/21 to 07/05/21 before May Holiday
Exceptional excursions (for example to visit a temporary exhibition) outside of these weeks can still be proposed by the teachers.

You will receive our bank details from the organizing teacher.

Documents to download:

Important information: if a pupil has been excluded from a school trip by a Disciplinary Board, he/his legal representatives remain responsible for payment. If the payment has already been made, no refund will be given.