For security reasons, access to school premises is strictly regulated. All visitors (parents and others) have to check in at the security as soon as they enter school premises. Parents receive an access card at the beginning of the school year to access the school for a meeting or for cases listed below. No visitors are allowed on school premises without an appointment. Appointment requests are made per email to the person or secretariat concerned. The guard in charge will check if the visitor is on the list and will give them a visitor’s badge.

Parents of the Nursery picking up their children at the end of the school day are requested to wait in the zone at their disposal until 16.30. Only Nursery children’s parents will be allowed onto the school site to go to the Nursery building - and only in the Nursery building -  on production of the badge. Once with the parent, the child is under their authority, notably if playing on the playground equipment.

The EC and APEEE after-school Garderie staff organise a hand over of children after the periscolaire activities. Parents are asked to wait in the parents’ waiting zone until +/- 16.30 (Wednesdays until 13.15) after most pupils have left the school and then go to the S1-S2 preau (and only the preau) to collect their child. It is forbidden for them to collect their child from the school building.
Emergency drills
In order to organise the evacuation of all pupils in case of emergency, please inform the school immediately if or when your child has any impairment of mobility as well as its estimated duration. Please let us know also if he/she can move alone. Please inform:
Nursery-Primary: the Management: 02/774.22.09 or