The Nursery-Primary school psychologist, Mrs. Camille Guisgand is available for children every day from 9.30 to 15.00 in room 0.47. Feel free to make an appointment with her: 02-774.22.61 or

The secondary school's psychologists, Mrs. Simina Turcu and Mrs. Anne Delorme, share a full-time schedule and are available for children every day. Feel free to contact them for an appointment.

Simina Turcu (EN-NL-DE- SW-FI-LET-LIT-EST sections): : 02/774.22.62 - Tuesday & Wednesday (8.30-15.30), Thursday (8.30-16.30).

Anne Delorme (FR-PO-IT sections): : 02/774.22.33 - Monday & Friday (8.30-16.30) - Wednesday (8.30-14.30) (last room in the hallway of the S3-S4 educational advisers' office)