Access to school

Parents of nursery pupils will be the only ones allowed to enter school premises and building to bring or collect their children.

For children in the nursery classes of the Portuguese section (A and B), parents are asked to take the nursery path and continue until the Primary Préau (see blue arrow). They should also leave the school using the same way outside the school. 

To the parents of pupils in primary, I kindly ask to drop their child off at the gate. Children should line up on their designated spot (please check document called "Points de rassemblement"), where teachers collect them when the bell rings.

If, further to extreme weather conditions, children of P1 and P2 are allowed to enter the building instead of staying on the playground, parents are allowed to use the entrance used by the other nursery classes.

The pupils of the 1st and 2nd grade can go to their playground area, using the small footpath at the right side of the building. The school building should not be entered.

NB: please note that the morning is not a good time for discussions or questions with the teachers, so if you wish to speak to a teacher, please make an appointment.

NB: If you have a meeting at school, please go to the guards’ checkpoint and show them your identification. The guards will check that you are on the list of guests to the school and will give you a badge or sticker, which you will need to display visibly.