Mixing groups for some courses is necessary to guarantee the attainment of minimal requirements objectives set by the European Schools' curriculum.
The sanitary measures remain of course applicable according to the age group, and a very precise administrative follow-up allow us to identify all groups with which a contaminated person was in contact to inform them straight away.

In the nursery and primary school, these pupils eat in the preau, by class group.
In the secondary school, these pupils can eat outside if the weather allows for it, in the cafeteria or in their peau. Within a few weeks, an additional covered space will be available for them.

No: the school only quarantines the persons who were in direct contact with a contaminated person, in accordance with the recommendations of the COCOM.
The siblings of the pupils quarantined by the school are still welcome on the school premises.
If, however, the referring physician takes the decision to quarantine the siblings as well in view of the family situation, their absence will be justified by a medical certificate.

The management informs the pupils / parents of pupils who were in direct contact with a contaminated person, stipulating the group of class in question. The name of the person infected will never be communicated.

In case of a positive test, please inform the school through the notification mailbox WOL-COVID19-NOTIFICATION@eursc.eu.
The information provided is treated confidentially by the director and the nurses who are the only one to have access to that mailbox.

The school has no authority to communicate this confidential information to third parties, including APEEE, we ask you to take contact with the APEEE if your child uses their services (bus or activites).

The parents are kindly requested to contact their referring physician who will decide on the medical follow-up.
For primary and secondary teacher, most of the time, the nurses will ask you to take a test from the 5th day following the last high-risk contact. If the result is negative, the child might come back to school at the end of the group's quarantine.

The circulaire 7780 from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles is the legal basis.
For specific or unforeseen cases, the management takes contact with COCOM (Commission communautaire commune de Bruxelles-Capitale). Following their recommendations, the management takes the final decision and communicates it to the people concerned.

For prevention and safety reasons, children awaiting the result of a test must stay at home. Their absence can be justified by a statement of the parents.